L.E.I. Security is the Security Company we hired for our  facility, I would like to say they are exceedingly proficient in their business and all tasks we have given them. L.E.I. Security is a very skilled and efficient security company that has gone above and beyond our requirements and expectations.

All the LE.I. Officers are very well trained and skilled to perform all tasks required. L.E.I.  has great organizational skills and a pleasant demeanor when working with our employees. LE.I. has been extremely informative and helpful, as well as flexible as we are trying to improve our safety and security plan.

L.E.I. has come in and not only improved our paperwork process, they have cleaned up our parking lot and condensed the overflow and chaotic organization from lack of direction that was not implied by our previous company.

I strongly urge you to hire L.E.I. You won’t find anyone else that will do a better job or, who takes their job more seriously.

Kat S.

Safety Manager

We had a growing transient problem at our hotel, since we have a restaurant and bar on a property and being close proximity I-70, I felt it was not safe for our guest to walk around the property.

I hired L.E.I. Security for our hotel.  L.E.I. was a great investment, hiring them improved the safety of our property, because L.E.I. was able to monitor our property for transients and other illegal activity, it reduced our crime rate and improved business in both the hotel and restaurant.

I highly recommend L.E.I. Security for all your security needs.

Chucky L.

Hotel Manager