Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement Services

Imagine its Friday night and your tenants arrive at your apartment complex from a long day of work, only to find someone in their parking spot that they have a permit for, and most likely paid for. The management office is closed, there is no one to call, what can they  do? do they have to park three blocks down the street and walk home?

Unfortunately, this is an all to common issue not just in  apartment complexes, but also many employers across the country deal with on a daily basis, parking enforcement.

For many residents and employees, parking can be a premium benefit to the complex they live in or the company that they work for. When that benefit is taken away from them by an outsider, it can create frustration for them and headaches for you, the property manager.

L.E.I. can provide parking management either as as stand alone service or as part of a security program for your property.

In colorado Parking Enforcement cant be  very confusing for most people, L.E.I. Security has the knowledge  and expertise to properly and legally provide parking enforcement for your property.

Parking Enforcement includes but not limited to:

•Issuance and management of parking permits

•issuance of parking violations

•towing of Illegally parked vehicles of warranted

•immobilizing illegally parked vehicles

•Tenant courtesy assistance

•Enforce parking regulations

•Monitoring parking lot for Illegally parked and/or stolen vehicles