Alarm Response

Alarm response Service

Many police departments policy when a burglar alarm is called into their dispatch center is to make it a low priority call This typically means that the dispatchers will announce the alarm trip over the air, and allow the officers to go at their convenience, and depending upon the call volume during that period of time.  Unfortunately, for those with the alarm that is going off, this often translates into several hours before an alarm activation is responded to and checked on by a police officer.  Additionally, many departments charge hefty fines for any alarm that goes off more than a couple of times per year.

L.E.I. Security is able to quickly respond to any form of alarm activation and perform a thorough inspection of the premises to verify if an actual attempted or forced entry has occurred, or whether the activation was a false alarm, as is most typically the case.  In the event of an actual burglary or suspicious situation, the officer immediately notifies our Dispatch Center, who promptly notifies the police.  Many cities around the country have learned the value in this new and innovative method of alarm response, and have switched over to a “Verified Response” policy which requires precisely this type of response from alarm companies, and those cities have found great success in the reduced number of police man-hours required to respond to the high number of false alarms, allowing more time for them to respond to other calls instead.  Additionally, because services such as ours are purely customer-service oriented, those with alarm systems have found that the responses from companies such as L.E.I. Security is actually better, quicker, and less expensive for them.

Our Alarm Response Team is extremely well-trained to respond to, investigate, and report on alarm activation.  We put a high priority on these type of calls, rather than simply “broadcasting” it over the radio, and the Dispatch Center closely monitors which Patrol Units are closest to the alarm location, and dispatch accordingly. 

L.E.I. Offers:

  • •Fast Response Times for all Alarm Activations

  • •Radio-Dispatched Calls

  • •Highly Trained Patrol Officers

  • •Significantly Less Expensive than the Police Fees

  • •Verification on all Patrol Officers