Administration & Support

The Administrative Services Division  is responsible for Communications, Policies, Procedures, Internal Training. recruitment, and training and development, and the L.E.I. Training Academy. The Administrative Services Division  provides support and expertise in all areas  to the other divisions of  L.E.I.


We operate a 24-hour Dispatch Center, in order to ensure that our customer’s needs are always answered. Our Dispatch Center is just one more way we are surpassing our competition and becoming leaders in the security industry

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division at L.E.I. Security is the most popular  of our services offered.

 Because of the stringent requirements that we demand of our Patrol Division, our patrol service clients have quickly learned that we offer something much different and more professional than they have come to expect from the Denver security industry.


Security Services

The fundamental of any security organization rests in its ability to effectively provide posted security staff to a wide array of clientele,  we have redefined that part of our business.

Special Operations

We have many occasions when special circumstances require an even higher level of service.  Often this can be for a business who has terminated an employee, and they fear that there may be some form of retaliation, or perhaps a company is experiencing a workforce strike or protest. Whatever the situation, we have the training, the experience and the capability to professionally handle your security needs.  



We utilize experts in various fields to properly prepare our Officers, and adhere to a strict program that ensures that we are well-prepared to handle the numerous types of incidents that we might face.