Armed Security

Armed security officers respond to and deter  violence and threats. Most burglars, and many enraged and intoxicated individuals, confront innocent people and have erratic behavior. People in such an irrational state of mind do not respond to many typical crime deterrents, like adequate lighting, security cameras and a uniformed guard. Stopping a burglary or life-threatening situation usually requires the threat of force or actual force.

In the case of a burglary or assault, our armed security officers neutralize dangerous individuals and then call the police. This spares innocent bystanders and potential victims from risking their own lives.

Investing in armed security  is a big decision. We help evaluate your risk and make an educated recommendation. It is impossible to predict exactly when and where a person will encounter violence, but we study Denver crime statistics to give us a guage for the likelihood of encountering violence in any given situation. This is a partial list of businesses that should seriously consider contracting with us for an armed security guard: re

    • •businesses open during late hours

    • •Retail stores selling high value items like jewelry or electronics

    • •Convenience stores and other places where people typically pay in cash

    • •Businesses already hiring off-duty police officers

    • •Establishments with controlled substances like prescription drugs

    • •Corporations reducing their workforce on a large scale

    • •Businesses firing an employee for workplace violence or harassment

    • •Businesses safeguarding sensitive information

      •Other residential or commercial property with a high crime or violence rate

    • • Most instances armed security is recommended per company policy (contact us to learn more)