Construction Site Security

The Denver residential and commercial construction market is booming. Unfortunately, construction site theft, vandalism and trespassing increase when the industry experiences growth, which may result in major damages or losses for management.

Additionally, when unauthorized people enter the construction site, it poses a significant safety hazard. If unauthorized individuals become injured, even when trespassing, management can be held responsible. Don’t lose time or money on your unsecure construction site!

Construction sites are, unfortunately, a target for theft and vandalism, resulting in major damages or losses to management. They can also pose a significant safety hazard to those entering the site (such as teenagers or vagrants).

Security understands the risks and hazards inherent in construction sites, Our extensive experience has equipped us to handle any security or safety issue in construction security services. We work closely with management to create customized construction security services to meet the unique needs of your site. 

The safety and security of your construction site is our top priority; we work hard to ensure that we meet industry standards and exceed our client’s expectations.


Trespassing and Vandalism

Trespassing and vandalism is a common problem faced by construction site management. The  Metro area has a high percentage of homelessness, and construction sites offer an appealing option for shelter, especially during harsh winters. However, construction sites are unsafe for unauthorized individuals. Lower your risks by implementing an intelligent security strategy.

In suburban areas, the risk often includes children or teenagers loitering after hours or on weekends and vandalizing the site. We customize your security services to match your specific needs based on location, current security protocol and local crime data. Keep your property and unauthorized visitors safer with the right security strategy.


Construction site theft is a major source of lost revenue for management. With costly equipment and valuable materials often left unsecure, construction sites are easy targets for thieves. Many of the materials like timber, scrap metal, copper and tools fetch thieves a high price when sold. The Metro area is located along the I-25 corridor, making it convenient to transport stolen goods.

Even in suburban, low-crime areas outside of the city, theft is a problem for construction sites. Specifically, in areas with a large volume of new builds, it is difficult for local authorities to monitor construction sites. Deter theft with customized construction security services.

Customized Construction Security Services

We design and implement your customized security program to meet the unique needs of your site. We work with all types and sizes of construction management. From urban commercial sites to suburban residential builds, we have a security solution for you. We are easily available to resolve any issues that may arise and provide 24/7 rock-solid support.

Construction Security Services include but are not limited to:

  • •Regular or irregular patrols, interior and/or exterior

  • •Controlled access (via badges or IDs, protection of entrances/exits)

  • •Emergency response (fire or other emergencies)

  • •Loss prevention plans