Fire Watch

Fire Watch Services

L.E.I. Security offers customized, round-the-clock fire watch services to secure your property and personnel in both commercial and residential locations. Our expertly-trained fire watch Officers, provide assurance that you’re in full compliance with the law. We service businesses, hotels, multifamily housing, senior facilities and more.

Fires are devastating and may result in property damage, asset loss and even casualties. When a fire protection system fails, your property is unprotected from the risk of a fire disaster. Under state law, a 24-hour fire watch may be required for your building for as long as a system failure or malfunction exists. Failure to properly secure your property can result in fines or temporarily shutting down your business.

Armed with in-depth knowledge of risk factors and fire watch procedures, our officers  patrol your property. They know the specific hazards to look for and precisely how to react to any sign of potential danger. In the event of fire, our systems ensure early warning and rapid mobilization to prevent or minimize damage.

Colorado’s dry climate creates the perfect environment for fires to easily spread. If your fire protection system is not working, fire watch services are especially important to prevent the spread and potential damage from fire.

Circumstances Requiring a Fire Watch

  • •Inoperative or malfunctioning alarm system

  • •Malfunctioning fire sprinklers

  • •Power loss

  • •Water supply shutdown

  • •Presence of toxic or flammable materials

Components of a Fire Watch

L.E.I. Security officers:

  • •Patrol designated buildings and property at specified intervals

  • •Check for signs of fire, including flames, smoke, burning odors, improperly stored flammable or hazardous materials, and increased temperatures

  • •Identify other dangerous situations like water, steam or gas leaks and power losses

  • •Monitor premises for other safety issues that could create risks or hinder response time

  • •Ensure that entrances and exits are unlocked and that fire lanes are clear of vehicles or other obstacles

  • •Verify that extinguishers, along with other fire or emergency equipment, are fully functional and current
  • •Maintain a log of fire watch activities

  • •Notify the local fire department in the event of emergency

  • •Execute rapid, safe evacuation, if necessary

Patrol Details

Fire watch service areas for regular patrols:

  • •All buildings areas, including common areas, corridors, mechanical and storage rooms on all floors

  • •Elevators

  • •Occupied residence buildings

  • •Unoccupied residence buildings

•A patrol usually occurs every 30-60 minutes. Frequency is determined by your local fire department based on risk level.

Record Keeping

A patrol log is always kept at your facility during the fire watch.

It contains:

  • •Location address

  • •Patrol times

  • •Name of the fire watch guard on duty

  • •All communication to the fire department and protection system company

  • •Other information as required by the fire marshal