Security Training

 Our Training Department is very extensive and thorough, and will train all our officers very proficiently.   Very few companies provide any form of training to their employees, and those that do typically simply offer video or book courses at the beginning of a new-hire’s employment.  At L.E.I. Security, not only do we Require a minimum of 40 hours of initial hands-on training prior to working in a uniform, we also expect continued education of each one of our Officers.


We utilize experts in various fields to properly prepare our Officers, and adhere to a strict program that ensures that we are well-prepared to handle the numerous types of incidents that we might face.  Whether related to a first responder medical emergency, to a hostile individual situation, or for something as simple as providing proper customer service, we want to make sure that when the unexpected happens, we are able to manage it efficiently and professionally

Training Academy

While other companies offer training from various partners that they partner with for training, L.E.I. has its own in house training academy to train all of our officers, this way we can make  sure that the training is consistent with all of our officers, even new officers who are experienced and have had prior training, will still undergo our training  to make sure they are in adherence to all laws, rules, and regulations.

All of our training is  classroom and practical training for real world applications.


Our minimum training requirements

  • Basic Training
  • Basic Law
  • Maps/ Navigation
  • Arrest Control Techniques
  • Firearms
  • First Responder (First Aid/ AED)
  • Traffic Control
  • Parking Management
  • Building Searches
  • Fitness  Activity