Vacant Property Security

Owners of vacant property can fall victim to a number of crimes including break-ins, theft, vandalism, or simple vagrancy. Vacant homes, apartment buildings, warehouses or industrial sites, shopping and retail centers, and more can all suffer loss and damage from inadequate security. We understand the challenges facing owners of vacant properties, and we have the substantial experience necessary to provide highly effective vacant property security services.

Regardless of what type of vacant property you own, L.E.I. Security has the capability to meet and exceed your security expectations and provide you peace of mind. We work with private property owners, management companies, and corporations to create fully customized property security services.

When designing vacant property security services, dozens of factors are taken into account as we work closely with property owners or managers. We work closely with our clients as we:

  • •Evaluate property (safety and security risks, strengths, needs, etc)

  • •Design property security services and protocols

  • •Develop training manuals for officers

  • •Implement effective strategies and programs

  • •Resolve issues quickly

  • •Provide unparalleled customer service

Our vacant property security services include but are not limited to:

  • •Regular or irregular patrols, interior and/or exterior

  • •Inspection of suspicious persons/vehicles

  • •Controlled access (protection of entrances/exits)

  • •Emergency response (fire or other emergencies)

  • •Loss prevention plans