Security Division

Dedicated and highly skilled security guards deter property damage and control access to your facility. L.E.I.Security knows training and managing the best security Officers is a key ingredient to satisfying every client. To hire the most professional security Officers , L.E.I.  commits to several aspects of talent management.

The fundamental of any security organization rests in its ability to effectively provide posted security staff to a wide array of clientele,  we have redefined that part of our business.  Many companies that we have met with believe that all  security providers are essentially the same, and that it’s merely a matter of dollars and cents when it comes to selecting a provider.  Sadly, they have often come to this conclusion after having experienced just that.  Low expectations should never be tolerated, however, and we demand much more.  All of our employees are well-trained and prepared to handle almost any circumstance with which they may be confronted.  After all, we are typically the first personnel to deal with various issues, and are looked at to be able to perform flawlessly when something does occur.

Clients have come to expect much  more than the stereotypical security provider when dealing with our employees.  Whether from the “front lines” of posted security personnel, to the superb customer service and office support, to the continual desire to learn and improve in our own abilities, our customers know that we take our duties and expectations very seriously.